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SP Construction is the industry leader when it comes to Quality Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana services. Our company has become synonymous with dealing out amazing Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana installs. Not only are we the best when it comes to design services but we are also the best at price. We consistently offer the lowest price and the highest quality. Our commitment to providing quality covers has taught us that no two homes or patio covers are alike.

Our Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana experts will sit with you and take his time to discover what are the most important parts of your patio cover or backyard remodel are most important to you.  What makes us consistently different from other companies is our ability to deliver your dream. If you can dream if we will be sure to achieve it. You will be patting yourself on the back for the remainder of your stay at your home.

We have been able to help our customers increase the resale value with our timeless designs. We invite you to contact us today so we can send out our Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana contractor for a free estimate today .We offer a complete lifetime warranty on the entire aluminum patio cover. We are not afraid to do this because we stand behind all of our Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana construction. Give us a call today to start planing your once in a life time Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana install.


RV Parking Fontana - SP Construction

Aside from our amazing patio cover installs we also offer quality concrete work. If you home needs a permanent location for your RV to be parked we got you covered. We can pour to your exact requirements. We understand that no two concrete or RV Parking Fontana jobs are a like.

We use state-of-the-art products and methods to ensure that our concrete will last a life time. No matter what budget you have we can work with to give you a built to code parking spot for your RV or any type of motorized toys you may have. We apply innovation and style to the RV PARKING Spot we construct, while delivering superior quality and sustainability every time. Many of our customers opt for 30'x20' concrete pad and have enough space for additional toys and storage.

We can even help you put up a free standing patio cover so that you can park under the shade. Sun damage on your RV can be costly and damage the structural durability invest in a free standing patio cover so that you do not have to invest in a brand new RV. Feel free to include a  slabs or foundations, curbs, access ramps, and even decorative concrete let your imagination run wild and our RV Parking Fontana contractors will manifest your dreams into reality. We also offer great deals on all of our concrete work so your next job may be way more affordable than you originally thought. 

Solar Ready Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana


If you are looking for a way to drive down your monthly heating and cooling bill perhaps its time to consider an Solar Ready Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana install. Many of our recent Solar Ready Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana customers have been very proud to report back to us that they have been able to decrease their monthly heating and cooling bill by as much as 60% in some cases.

Not only are you saving money whenever its sunny but you are actually doing your part to reduce your carbon foot print with is a win win for you, the electrical company and the environment. Fontana has more sunny days than most cities in California it would be silly to not consider improving the size of your current solar grid. Even if you don't have solar starting with a small set on your patio cover may be the most cost efficient option for you. 

Solar Ready Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana not only save you money by increasing solar output but also because of the shade. Our line of Duralume insulated patio covers are great for insulating your home and keeping it cooler. By the sun not hitting as much of your home thanks to our cover your homes AC unit will work far less. In the past it was difficult or impossible to install solar panels to your aluminum patio cover but thanks to our expertise you can have this done at little or no extra cost to our original patio cover pricing.


Best Price Artificial Turf Fontana - Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana

Along with our Quality Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana services we offer great deals on turf. Artificial grass is another exceptional way to drive down your energy spending and carbon footprint. Along with the obvious environmental benefits artificial turf also can be considered a home improvement and increase the resale value of your home. what is so great about our turf isThere is an artificial lawn solution for your property’s needs ,even for heavy traffic areas. and a turf system for every application.

Discover the wonders of combing patio covers with turf. If you are really interested  in energy savings we have complete net zero landscape designs. Simply put our net zero options remove the hassle of maintenance or cost. We even have pet friendly turf. Simply put  we supply the best pet turf around. Our Pet Turf is a perfect blend for all your animals. We take a great amount of pride in making sure that all of our Artificial Turf Fontana installs look as close to a living product as possible.

Your neighbors and friends and family will all be sure to comment on how life like it looks. In case you were wondering yes we carry traditional putting green installations too. When you couple a Quality Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana with artificial turf you truly have something magnificent on your hands. Call in today to schedule a time for your free estimate.