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If its been years since your last patio cover its safe to say that the patio cover industry has really changed over just the past few years. SP Construction has been able to capitalize on the shift from wood patios to aluminum patio covers and really come up with a unique product line. We have many different types of patio covers available including different types of end cuts and colors. if you have an old deck we can transform the area in a little under a week.

Aside from being the leader in Aluminum Patio Covers Lake Elsinore installs we also do one of a kind backyard makeovers including turf, electrical work and even elaborate fire pits. If you are the type of person who loves to entertain perhaps its time to consider an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchen and patio cover combos are a great way to increase the usable living space in your backyard. Our line of aluminum patio covers provide a friendly and fun environment where you can spend time making new memories.

Aside from entertaining the shade from your new patio cover can be multi-functional. When not in use your patio cover offers plenty of shaded storage space and even a place for your outdoor pets to relax. Contact our aluminum patio covers Lake Elsinore experts today setup a time for one of our free in home estimates. We will take time to go over the numerous benefits for your home and give you the lowest price around. 


Solar Ready Patio Covers Lake Elsinore - Energy Savings

We are proud to be one of the few Aluminum Patio Covers Lake Elsinore Contractors who can offer solar ready patio covers. Our line of solar ready patio covers can be fully integrated into your current solar grid. If you are currently without solar on your home no worries we have got you covered. No matter what budget you had in mind we will be able to work with you to get your needs assessed and addressed.

When you opt to add solar to your patio cover there are many new tax incentives that are always becoming available. For the most accurate information on all tax credits tied to either Aluminum Patio Covers Lake Elsinore projects or Solar Ready Patio Covers Lake Elsinore installs be sure to ask your contractor at the time of your estimate. Solar ready patios have many benefits. Our line of solar ready patio covers will help you to dramatically reduce the amount of energy you use to keep your home cool. Our patio covers do a tremendous amount of work to insulate your home from the sun.

Many of our customers remark that a patio cover alone reduces their ac bill by 30%. When you couple a patio cover with solar your can start to flirt with operating on net zero spending for your AC. Simply put you can run your ac all year for pennies or even less if you plan correctly.


Landscape Design - Aluminum Patio Covers Lake Elsinore

If you just purchased a home and are looking for ways to dramatically drive up your homes resale value one of the most cost effective options can be landscape design. We invite you to dream up whatever type of backyard design you can. We take a great amount of pride giving our customers exactly what they had in mind. First and foremost you will be amazed by our attention to detail.

We have worked all types of plants and trees and will try to give you a beautiful one of a kind design that is easy to maintain. we strive to create a landscape design that compliments the client’s dreams and their homes architecture. We consider all of the factors that will influence the overall success of the outdoor living spaces we design. If you want you can come by our office and we will sit down with you and our engineering program.

Our CAD program will help you envision and plan in a real environment down to the inch how your backyard will look. Outdoor living ideas are the pathway into exploring the perfect outdoor living space. A landscape design that fails to encompass and respond to the wishes of the home- or business owner is simply a yard. We look forward to sitting down with you soon and talking about how we can tie all of our designs together with your home. If you are looking for a custom pergola we can give you great deals on custom sun shading.


RV Parking Lake Elsinore - Fire PIts Lake Elsinore 

Along with Reliable Aluminum Patio Covers Lake Elsinore Contractor services we also can help you with concrete. We use state-of-the-art products and methods to ensure that our concrete will last a life time. No matter what budget you have we can work with to give you a built to code parking spot for your RV or any type of motorized toys you may have.

We apply innovation and style to the RV PARKING Spot we construct, while delivering superior quality and sustainability every time. We can take care of any part of your Fire Pits Lake Elsinore design process. We can come up one of a kind unique design for relatively cheap. Our attention to detail even goes down to which color glass we use to decorate your new fire place. We never cut corners when it comes to the quality of our concrete or fire pit services.

You will be amazed at how your concrete looks after years of use. .We are dedicated to building long term relationships with our clients by providing the highest standard of quality on each and every project we do. Our reputation for customer satisfaction in the backyard and patio business. SP Construction approaches each project with the same amount of focus and dedication. Your satisfaction is our top priority; our job isn’t finished until you’re entirely happy with how your patio looks.

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