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 Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta - SP Construction

There are many options when it comes to Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta but none can compare top the quality of SP Construction. We take a tremendous amount of pride in each and everyone of our patio cover installs. We offer free estimates where we can sit down and get to you know and take measurements as well as discuss our upcoming project together. Many of our Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta customers remark about our amazing attention to detail. We offer one of a kind design and install service when you couple that with our customer service you are in store for a unique and exciting backyard transformation. What sets us from other Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta is our ability to provide a smooth clean patio cover install in as little as 1-2 days. We work quickly but without ever having to sacrifice the quality and durability of our work. We have made the commitment to being a family operated and owned Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta. This works greatly to our customers advantage. Because we are small and keep our overhead low we pass the savings onto every single Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta customer. We are also proud to offer our customers the best in the industry life time warranty if for any reason your patio cover should have an issue or something isnt quite right simply call our office and we will send someone out to address it.

Solar Ready Patio Covers Murrieta - Outdoor Lighting

We look forward to helping you add additional usable living space by adding a patio cover. Once you have additional living space you can double down on your investment by adding solar panels to it. This along with the additional shade will help drive down your monthly cooling costs. our newly installed cover  will help keep your home out of direct sunlight. Because of this your home’s air conditioning unit will have to work much less to keep your home a cool temperature year around.

Seasonally Murrieta has plenty of days that top 100 degrees it would be wise to plan for this and get your home energy efficient. Our solar ready patio covers are ready to have solar panels installed right on top of them. Our electrical experts will work with your existing grid to make sure they work together to provide you the highest amount of energy savings possible. Solar Ready Patio Covers Murrieta are great for many reasons. Not only is your house cooler and you save money on energy costs, but you also are eligible for many tax incentives and programs.

Our Solar Ready Patio Covers Murrieta experts will go over what programs are available to you. Many of our customers are able to utilize the Hero Program and get their Solar Ready Patio Covers Murrieta installed at a considerably cheaper rate. Take advantage of these offers as many of them are time sensitive. Call today for a free estimate. 


Best Design & Best Pricing - Concrete Work Murrieta

We strive every single day to push our limits with our designs while keeping our customers pricing affordable. We can take care of any aspect of your backyard. From landscape design to amazing concrete work. You will find that if you order everything from SP Construction you can save considerable cash and headache. Just like any business if purchase Concrete Work from us we will give you an amazing bulk rate price. We also feature one of the best design staffs in the Murrieta area.

Our in house staff of re modelers and long time Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta installers have the experience required to provide you with a one of a kind patio cover or backyard addition. What makes us unique is our ability to remodel your entire backyard. Most Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta contractors are one trick installers. We can give you a complete backyard makeover. If you are looking for complex concrete or patio features we can deliver.

The aesthetic that we provide could very well be considered timeless. IF for any reason during your installation process you have concerns or questions simply pull aside your Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta  contractor and they will be more than happy to address them for you right then and there. The installation is usually quick and simple and we will perform a walk through with you before we leave.We are not satisfied until you are 100% satisfied with the Aluminum Patio Covers Murrieta install that you receive from us.


Fire Pits Murrieta & Landscape Design

Not only are we the leaders when it comes to concrete and patio covers but we are also sought after for our fire pit and landscape designs. No matter what size budget we can create for you fire pits, fire bowls and fire islands. We can give you backyard something truly magnificent with our fire pit designs. Real fire structures elevate the ambiance of properties like no other decoration we take a great amount of pride in giving a very artful design.

We can take care of any part of your Fire Pits Murrieta design process. We can come up one of a kind unique design for relatively cheap. Our attention to detail even goes down to which color glass we use to decorate your new fire place. When you accentuate your fire pit and landscape design with our custom lighting you will be amazed at how much it really elevates the entire landscape design.

From landscape maintenance to new construction, our residential and commercial clients in Murrieta know that when they call SP Construction they will get the best.We are dedicated to building long term relationships with our clients by providing the highest standard of quality on each and every project we do. Our reputation for customer satisfaction in the backyard and patio business. SP Construction approaches each project with the same amount of focus and dedication. Your satisfaction is our top priority; our job isn’t finished until you’re entirely happy with how your patio looks.